“HORA‘s newest serum does a combination of wonders that one can only dream about in ONE product: hydrate, protect and heal, with the help of CBD.”

– Angelika Pokovba, Essential Homme Magazine


“After the first day, my skin felt moisturized and protected. A week in, I definitely noticed brighter, more youthful look around my eyes and forehead. – Hora Super Serum has definitely been added to my skin care regimen…” 

-Elaina Featherstone, Hercampus.com


“It’s magical – the texture on my skin is really really smooth.”

– Sivan Ayla, Blogger


“Another skincare must for low maintenance ladies is Hora Super Serum + CBD which features ingredients that address any concern she could possibly have.”

– hamptonsonline


“After testing over 50 different CBD skin care products the verdicts out.
Hora’s CBD Super Serum is by far my favorite.”

– Jenn Sheehan, aesthetician

“The serum not only removed my surface wrinkles and smoothed my skin at age 78 but gave me a luminous glow and a great base for my foundation to be more transparent and did not weigh heavy like many other serums but was light and refreshing.”

– Deanna Robin, 78